[OULES] "Audition" for Arthur! Harris Seminar Room, Oriel College, Sunday 7th October (1st week)

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Sat Oct 6 13:48:35 BST 2012

Hello everyone! 

Hope you are all well and had a good summer! Welcome to the announce 
mailing list for the Light Entertainment Society in Oxford if you signed 
up at Freshers' Fair!

The Light Entertainment Society will this term be presenting the show 
"Arthur!" (based on the legend of King Arthur) from Tuesday to Thursday 
of 8th week. The "auditions" for this production will be held on Sunday 
1st Week (7th October) in the Harris Seminar Room in Oriel College (on 
Oriel Square). After the "auditions" we will be going to The Mitre pub 
on High Street.

Please turn up at about 8pm - there is no need to book a slot, we're 
very laid back... (see below!)

If you just want to come to the pub, we'll be at the Mitre at about

Now, when I say "auditions"... as we may have told you at the Fair we
are known for being the most relaxed and light-hearted dramatic society
within Oxford. These auditions are nothing serious at all - it's a
chance to come along, have a laugh with the rest of us and try out a
few different roles within the show. Everyone who wants a part can
have one, it's as simple as that! Even if you don't want to act, come 
along 'cos there might be other stuff you may want to do!

Coming to the auditions does not by any means that you're selling your
soul to us. There are no membership costs or signing up fees, so if you
feel like it isn't for you then we wish you well and hope you find
something else during your time in Oxford that interests and excites

If you're reading this message and you've missed the auditions, then
reply to this E-mail and we'll try and find you a part!

Hope to see you all on Sunday!

PS: Check out the OULES website: http://oules.lightentertainment.org/
PPS: Also check out: http://oxfordassassinsguild.org.uk/ because they're awesome

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