[OULES] Piracy! Moser Theatre, Wadham College! Tuesday - Thursday 8th week (6th-8th March)

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Sun Feb 26 17:31:20 GMT 2012

Arr! Watch out, there be pirates about! Pirates of the most traditional 
kind - eyepatches, bandannas, cutlasses, peg legs and all, with 
villainous grimaces on their lips and bloodthirsty songs in their 
hearts. Not that Polly Oliver is scared, of course. Mostly, she's just 
fed up of living in Surrey, so she's run away to sea with no more than a 
pair of well-fitting breeches and a Nelson-y sort of hat. Meanwhile, the 
Captain's in love, the Admiral's in lust (sort of permanently, really, 
and mostly with himself), the Doctor's got a thing about poison, the 
Chaplain's got a new pet and somewhere, far over the horizon, the 
dreaded Dons are coming... it must be PIRACY! 

Featuring also: A full chorus of Seamen, Landsmen, Madmen, Frenchmen, 
Parodies, Pastiches, Personalities and Pandemonium. Mostly the latter. 

Come join us in The Moser Theatre, Wadham College
Tuesday-Thursday 8th Week (6th - 8th March)

£4 for students, children, senior citizens etc 
£5 for everyone else


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