[OULES] Piracy! "Auditions"! Mansfield Seminar Room, Sunday 15th January (1st Week) (plus some other things...)

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Fri Jan 13 21:34:18 GMT 2012

Hello again everyone!
Hope you are all well and had a good Christmas! Welcome back to OULES.

This term's main show will be Piracy! which will take place from Tuesday 
- Thursday of 8th week at the Moser Theatre in Wadham College.

Auditions will be in the Seminar Room at Mansfield College from 8pm on 
Sunday 1st week (15th January).

If you're reading this message and you've missed the auditions, then 
drop us an E-mail and we'll try and find you a part!

Now, OULES is a society which does things for people who can't get to 
the theatre and to that end, we have a number of EXCITING additional 
projects this term... (Oooooh!)

They will include (probably):
 - a theatre workshop for kids (either at schools, Scouts/Guides, both or more!)
 - street performances of songs and sketches and improv and things.
 - a version of the street performance stuff for taking to old people.

If you are interested in one, some or more of these things, please come 
to the Mansfield Seminar Rooms at 7:30pm on Sunday 1st Week (15th 
January) even if you're not interested in being in Piracy! (which you 
should be, but that's not the point!)

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!


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